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MI Used Piano Store – Michigan Rebuilt Pre-Owned Pianos

Factory Certified Pre-Owned Steinway Pianos at PianoNation Direct

Michigan piano store specializing in used and pre-owned pianos. Piano Nation Direct specializes in restoring used pianos to their new condition. We have been refurbishing pianos from across the nation since 1993. Our Milford warehouse location has numerous vintage, used, or pre-owned pianos that have been rebuilt and factory certified.

Our mission at Piano Nation Direct, is to provide musicians and entertainers alike with the highest quality and best pianos on the market at an affordable price. Instead of only focusing on only new instruments our goal has been to find the best-used pianos and refurbish, rebuild, and restore. We restore beautiful existing pianos to their original condition and even better. In this manner we keep the piano industry alive by not overlooking the finest instruments ever made.

In the end, we believe pianos have character. While every piano made is at one time or another new, not every new piano has aged character and time tested beauty.

We refurbish the best, we rebuild the finest, and we have been restoring pianos since 1993!

Call Us Today 877-977-4266