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A Letter From the Founder

Wow, this years NAMM show was much busier than I would have thought, a possible indication of how 2017 will turn out?  We at QRS had a great year and will have an even better year for 2017 with all the improvements to our PNO3 system we showed at NAMM.

  •  Last year we introduced to you the concept of a company’s need for a mobile strategy, releasing the first use of a wearable and app.
  • As part of that progression we introduced integration with additional third party products such as Amazons’s Echo, Sonos, Google’s Home and PNOcloud Mobile music sharing.
  • At the show we introduced the integration of WiFi, WiFi Direct, 3G, Bluetooth and Bluetooth MIDI into our flagship product.  Directly interfacing and communicating with 3rd party devices, PNOmation Cloud and PNOcloud accounts.
  • Going Forward you will notice that most our tech products will be connected, you will begin to hear the phrase and see the power of QRS CONNECT and what that data pipeline can mean to your bottom line.
  • QRS CONNECT…. EXCITING…..QRS is totally CONNECTED to the world’s products with the PNO3 .  PNOscan to PNOpractice to Digital Hymnal to Qsync to PNOcloud and now with Amazon ECHO and Google Home to internal or external speaker systems.

QRS trademarked PNO for Amazon and Google so just ask your PIANO to play whatever song, volume, playlist, record etc. you want.  With our integrated Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / 3G card in the PNO3, we give a total customer experience for what ever they want to do with their piano.  Meaning simply just play piano music or play their favorite artist with their attached speaker or Bluetooth their in home speakers, play videos with the piano or concerts with Qsync on their piano or even play any shared music from PNOcloud.  Don’t forget that they can play any midi file wirelessly from their devices too, plus record and save to the PNOcloud, share with the world immediately, print or just listen.

QRS is at the point that PNO3 is so easy to use and hook up that anyone can do it.  Download the QRS finder app from the APP store or Google Play store and push the button.  No more wasting time hooking up or being an IT genius, it is automatic. You can even purchase a QRS HARD WIRE kit for people that have a hard time with their devices and Wi-Fi.

So if you didn’t see us at NAMM because we were tooooo busy or you didn’t show up for NAMM then give me a call and lets go over what you can CONNECT with QRS.  Don’t be EXPIRED or BORED with other systems, be a part of the EXCITING Player piano team!!!!

This is going to be a great year for all of us in the piano business when selling with technologies and I look forward to working with you soon.


Todd Brown