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2017 Super Bowl & The QRS Piano Arc

New & Used Piano Sales in MI

Todd Brown, owner of Piano Nation Direc

Michigan’s largest piano dealer of new and used pianos was present in a unique way at the 2017 super bowl. Read more below!

No matter what team you cheered for, everyone admits the 2017 Super Bowl was full of excitement and surprises – up until the very end!

From the historic game, to the commercials, and then the performances, the Super Bowl will be remembered.

Especially exciting to Piano Nation Direct was the Lady Gaga performance. Todd brown, owner of Piano Nation Direct and friend of Lady Gaga’s Keyboardist (Brockett), played the Super Bowl piano arc the week before it was played in front of millions. The amazing performance was all made possible because of the QRS PNOscan.

PNOScan is powered by non-invasive optic sensors that can be setup to any configuration. At Piano Nation Direct, we most often install the technology on acoustic pianos to create a digital interface that allows users to record, incorporate sound modules, print sheet music, and practice in silent mode. The system is extremely versatile and grows in popularity among music teachers/students, educational centers, and recording artists.

If you’d like more information of the capabilities of PNOScan technology give us a call at 877-977-4266.