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Questions to Ask Before Buying Used Pianos

Used & New Pianos of Metro Detroit

three questions to help find the best piano

Piano Nation Direct has been helping piano buyers for decades find the instrument that serves their needs and gets them the best value.

Buying a piano is an important decision that often gets confused amongst the huge diversity and variety of brands, styles, and types. At Piano Nation Direct, we hope to make the process simpler by outlining a few questions an informed shopper should ask.

1) Why are they selling the piano? If you’re searching to buy thru an independent third party seller, always ask why the owner is trying to sell. It could be family changes, moving, or perhaps because the piano has costly underlying problems. At Piano Nation Direct we simplify the process by only selling used pianos that have been examined by piano technicians and serviced by our professional staff. We also carry the largest variety of factory certified pre-owned Steinway & Sons pianos. This ensures the most important thing for any used piano; its serviceability.

2) How often was the piano tuned? A piano should be tuned at least twice a year to maintain standard pitch and to promote structural stability. If a piano goes untuned its pitch will drop significantly causing related repairs and maintenance to become a necessity. It’s also important to establish that a piano can indeed be tuned. It’s not uncommon to have a piano whose pin block can no longer hold the tuning pins. Piano Nation Direct reguarly has on staff piano technicians who tune and maintain their pianos giving piano buyers one less thing to consider.

3) Where has the piano been stored? Pianos are musical instruments made mostly of wooden parts and components. For this reason, piano storage is extremely crucial to understand. Pianos should not be stored in areas of direct sunlight, exterior walls, drafty windows, or vents. The best storage for a piano is in a climate controlled environment where humidity and temperature is closely monitored and constant. The fluctuation in humidity causes tuning instability and structural problems by the expansion and contraction of 1,000+ wooden parts. Piano Nation Direct stores all of our pianos in a climate controlled warehouse, and showroom where humidity, temperature and location is all considered for every piano.

For more information on how to buy used pianos, what to look for, and where to find used pianos near you contact us today!

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