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Player Piano Service for MI and nationwide. Service on Pianomation, Disklavier, Concertmaster, PianoDisc, Spirio

Player Piano History and Progress

The Player piano has been around for ages. Everybody knows that. But it’s an evolution into the Pianomation III system has captured the attention of the music industry and music lovers across the world.

Pianomation III is available as a field install retrofit and the Zero Profile Factory Install. It offers 10,000 plus music selections spanning all genres, languages, and decades. The Pianomation System can be upgraded, can record, offers silent play, and has a radio feature (similar to iTunes Genius or Pandora).

Pianomation III or PNO3 engages with 21st-century smart technology by using the QRSFinder App. A mobile application that allows users to play their piano from a phone, tablet, iPad, watch, and any wireless device. This opens the world for users in terms of playback, recording, education, internet access etc.

The Pianomation system is designed to complement the life of your piano. Since the life of a piano is long in contrast to technology, it’s important to have a migration path to the latest technologies and a history of delivering with the times. QRS music technologies has been doing exactly that since the days of player rolls, till the first pianomation. Its reliability, flexibility, and music content has made the latest PNOmation the preferred choice for residential and commercial applications.

Located in Michigan – Ann Arbor MI, Bloomfield Hills MI, Brighton MI, Canton MI, Commerce MI, Flint MI, Grand Rapids MI, Lansing MI, Livonia MI, Milford MI, Northville MI, Novi MI, Rochester Hills MI, Troy MI, West Bloomfield MI & surrounding areas. We service and deliver pianos nationwide since 1993.