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NAMM 2018

PianoNation attended the NAMM Show 2018 in Anaheim California this year. Todd Brown, CEO and owner of PianoNation and the QRS Dealer in Michigan and the west coast, attended and represented QRS PNOmation and the latest QRS Connect.

Here’s what’s new!

  1. QRS NAMM Show 2018 Previews QRS-Connect the worlds first music activity tracker. cloud ecosystem, and QRS-Connect Widgets – application specific software nuggets that take advantage of the huge music I/O capabilities of the QRS-Connect hardware. With even more info and release dates to come soon – stay tuned by following us on Twitter or Facebook!
  2. QRS is working OT – Over The Top That Is. QRS is pleased to announce the release of     PNOmation OT a new portable player piano system that fits over the top of the keys and requires no installation. Great for events, personal use and piano workshops. Get the advantages of PNOmation 3 and make it portable.
  3.  PNOmation III with Bluetooth. If you don’t already have the newest processor call us today – the upgrade is simple and easy!
  4. Lastly, New Music! QRS is always adding new music. Sounds Like George Winston, Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake and more are available! Contact us today to learn more. 877-977-4266.