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Its never too early to begin your children in music. In recent studies we’ve discovered kids who study music do better in school and in life. A study by the academic press found that 2nd graders who studied piano for only four months scored 27% higher on proportional math & fraction tests than children who received no special instruction. They were also able to solve proportional sixth grade math problems. Even more impressive is the study that shows studying music actually enlarges the brain up to 25% in musicians. The younger the musical training begins, the larger the area. For college-bound seniors who’d had school music experience scored 52 points higher on verbal portion of their SATs and 37 points higher in math. 89 points combined then those withouts arts instruction. All these facts have convinced Todd Brown, founder of PianoNation, to begin his kids young. His family of four children under the age of 3 have all begun the process of musical instruction. Your children are never too young to begin introducing to musical instruments and concepts. The reward of starting your child young will last a lifetime! Enjoy the video of Todd’s second to youngest singing, dancing, and “playing” the guitar!