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What Can a Piano Add to My Life?

The benefits of playing the piano are many. There are countless articles on the subject and most list positive physical and mental qualities. Nearly all agree: Having music as a part of your life is both healthy and entertaining!

Here are some of the most repeatedly mentioned benefits:

Stress Relief

Learning to play can be a rewarding outlet from the many stressful situations life throws at us. Tension cannot be eliminated from one’s life, yet a life that includes playing music provides balance and enjoyment that aids in making one better equipped to face life’s challenges.

Increased Self Esteem

Mastering a new piece of music does wonders for one’s self esteem. There have been multiple studies that confirm an increase in self confidence among school age children who learn to play the piano.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing piano challenges our fine-motor skills, resulting in improved hand-eye coordination. These skills positively impact and aid in our daily lives as well!

Better Mathematical Reasoning

The music notes and rests on a staff are like the lipids and proteins in a strand of DNA. A Brown University study documented increased mathematical capabilities and reasoning skills in piano players when compared to their non-playing counterparts.

Improved Brain Functionality

Regular piano playing helps with brain function at every age! Students comprehend and learn non-piano activities better and the elderly enjoy less memory and inner-ear hearing loss.

Increased Creativity

Pianists (people who play piano) are shown to have greater creative tendencies than those who do not play piano. Scientists have monitored jazz pianists and discovered that their brain activity and processing functions change and improve. Ultimately, you can access a “you inside yourself” through regular music playing!

Increased Mental Ability

Studies have concluded that the brain behaves just like our muscles. Our muscles become stronger through diet and exercise, and our brains are better able to process information through challenging mental exercises and stimulation–such as playing piano!

There are extensive lists highlighting the benefits of playing the piano online for your reading pleasure. Many include detailed medical and neurological explanations–however, the benefits listed above are what most lists have in common!

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We are happy to help, whether you are considering adding the benefits of playing the piano to your life or already know how it has positively enriched yours. Come in and experience our expertise and pianos. Your next new instrumental family member may be waiting here to meet you!

“Music is a weapon in the war against unhappiness.” – Jason Mraz