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When is the best time to start piano lessons? Read below to find out!

At PianoNation and The Piano Store Scottsdale our first priority is not selling pianos. Of course, we must sell to stay in business, but our primary philosophy is this: Sales are a byproduct of being the most trusted and dependable source of piano information in the business. We work hard to achieve the standards upheld in our philosophy every single day.

This installment is an informational writing about the best time to begin piano lessons. First, let’s address the future pianist’s—or piano player’s—age. Research shows the best time to begin lessons is between the ages of six and nine years old. The attention span of children in this age range is about thirty minutes, which is plenty of time to stay engaged in a half-hour piano lesson. Some children may be ready for lessons by ages four or five, but these would be exceptions to the rule. The critical factors are the child’s maturity level and attention span rather than their exact age.

The second factor is finding a teacher who is a good fit—someone who understands the reasons why your child is beginning lessons and can help them achieve their goals. Some teachers are more traditional and classical in their approach, while others are more recreational and fun-oriented. Neither approach is right or wrong, and you should pay close attention to the chemistry between the teachers you interview and your child. Don’t be afraid to take some time to shop around. It is far more important for an adult or child to find the right match than to get lessons started right away. We highly recommend asking your child for their opinion: Which of the teachers did you like best? Why? Taking their feelings and opinions into consideration will go a long way in getting them to stick with lessons in the long term and enjoy the learning experience.
As for young adults seeking to begin piano lessons, the main goal is to find a teacher who is best equipped to help you reach your personal goals. Do you want to become a proficient, classically trained pianist? Or would you rather focus on recreation? Regardless of the answer, the amount of music theory imparted on the student needs to be compatible with the student’s end goals. There are many teaching styles and methods to choose from, so understanding your needs and then finding the right teacher to help you achieve your goals is a total game changer.

For the elderly beginner—and anyone who is 100% recreational in their needs—group lessons can be a great place to start! Not only can these lessons be more fun than one-on-one sessions, but there is the added benefit of social interaction and camaraderie. As always, make sure you and your teacher are compatible so you can enjoy your lessons while making progress as a pianist.

We at PianoNation and The Piano Store Scottsdale have excellent relationships with teachers who specialize in differing methods and skill levels. We help students of all ages find the perfect fit and give our expert recommendations based upon the reputations and unique skills of the teachers in our region. The piano teachers in our network are appreciative of our referrals and understand we do so without any finder’s fees or obligation for their students to purchase pianos from our stores. Teacher referrals are simply another way we serve the musical community in our markets. We don’t think of ourselves as piano sales associates—instead, we position ourselves as concierges of dependable piano resources and information.

We welcome your inquires about how to find the perfect piano teacher for you or your child. We love serving our communities and are incredibly fortunate that our livelihoods center around helping people add lots of quality music to their lives.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein