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Put On the Best Show With A New Concert Piano

PianoNation is an excellent resource for concert halls, high-school orchestras, and professional symphony orchestras to purchase new and used concert pianos. Your players deserve an instrument that highlights their considerable gifts. Whether they’re a talented classical musician or a budding jazz pianist, a quality concert piano goes a long way towards enhancing your audiences’ concert experience. Institutional pianos must rise to the level demanded by the lofty standards of your institution. We sell new concert grand pianos from Bechstein, Baldwin, Grotrian-Steinweg, Seiler, Schimmel, and our pre-owned and restored concert pianos come from top-notch manufacturers including Steinway & Sons. If you buy a new concert piano from us, you’ll be getting a brand trusted by the world’s elite pianists. If you choose to purchase a preowned concert grand piano, you’ll be in good hands. Our lead technician, Richard Cromwell, is internationally renowned for his work. For concert pianos in Wixom, MI, give our world-class showroom a call.

We Offer Financing On All Our Concert Pianos

PianoNation understands the financial costs involved with purchasing a high-quality concert piano can be challenging to manage for some of our clients. We offer generous financing packages to schools, churches, and institutions here in Wixom, MI, as well as around the country. We want to give your institution the gift of beautifully-sounding music. We offer various selections, including:


Our showroom regularly features a myriad of previously-used concert pianos, including the illustrious Steinway & Sons.


Our restoration and rebuilding experts takes the time to restore every aspect of the piano to their former glory.


Bechstein. Grotrian-Steinweg. Seiler. Schimmel. Baldwin. PianoNation carries the favorites of pianist worldwide. Gift your audiences with the same pianos greats play all over the world.

No Matter What You Play, We Sell a Piano Just For You

PianoNation prides ourselves on delivering the best concert pianos for the most affordable price. We do that with every piano we sell. Perhaps you just need something basic for your child to learn. Maybe you’ve been playing for ten years, and you’re ready to upgrade to a better instrument. You might be a rock musician looking to flesh out your band’s sound. Regardless of what kind of music you play or what your needs are, our sales team will point you in the direction of the perfect piano for you.

Bring Your Family Together
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