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Michigan Piano Sale Sept 29th-Oct 4th 2022. This is the largest piano sale in Michigan history. All pianos will be sold at cost, below cost, or near cost with up to 75% OFF! Buy from a trusted source, PianoNation, one of the largest dealers in the U.S.


PianoNation together with Play it Forward is having the largest piano sale in Michigan history that “play’s it Forward” and supports our community. We will be presenting consumers with the best deals of the year as we liquidate used and new inventory pianos from closing dealers. This sale will include over 450 new and used pianos; including names like Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway, Baldwin, and more! Creating the most the most diverse piano sale event in the country! In addition to acoustic pianos we have player pianos and digital pianos from Roland and Casio that will be included in our event.

Highlights for this sale include;
*Special financing 0% for 12-120* months. Click here to pre-qualify!
*Take advantage of great savings and the tax exempt organization PianoNation is partnered with for this event.
*Factory Direct Sale Pricing – At or below wholesale pricing
*20% of the sale proceeds go to Play It Forward Charity. A foundation that donates to families, teachers, and students across the country! Let your purchase “play it forward.”

To secure the lowest price and selection reserve your private appointment, Call 877-977-4266 or complete the form below.

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South East Michigan PianoNation
30553 S Wixom Rd Suite 200 Wixom MI 48393

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