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Sell Your Piano

We purchase pianos and offer piano consignment in Metro Detroit, Michigan. PianoNation is a Michigan piano retailer that will buy and consign pianos.

Piano store

Private Sale

We will often purchase used pianos from private individuals, churches and schools. If you are trying to sell your used Steinway, Yamaha, or Kawai piano, we would be most interested in considering a purchase from you! If you are trying to sell another brand, please let us know as we are always seeking quality used instruments that have been well-maintained over the years.


For many individuals selling a piano can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for an easy way to sell your piano let us do what we do best. By allowing us to sell your piano you allow us to take care of the logistics of selling your piano; we arrange the move, display your piano, we have a heavily trafficked storefront, we display your piano online, and we are sale professionals. Contact us today for consigning arrangements.

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