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QRS Music Technologies

QRS Music Technologies

PianoNation is home to QRS Music Technologies, the Oldest & Largest Player Piano Manufacturer in the world! QRS is a state of the art Player Piano System that can be retrofitted to any Piano.

Have an Outdated QRS, Disklavier, ConcertMaster, Spirio, or PianoDisc System? QRS can upgrade any player system. Play Beethoven, Kid Rock, or Adele thru your piano when you upgrade today

piano interior

No More Archaic CD’s or Floppy Discs

QRS has the largest music library for player pianos in the world. When you upgrade to QRS PNO3 you gain access to the largest music library and can ditch your old CD’s and discs. Instead, PNO3  provides you with a digital music library on our QRS App. Accessible on any computer, iPad, tablet, phone etc. Music is downloaded instantaneously for a seamless & hassle free customer experience.

Upgrade Any Player System

QRS offers the best player system on the market. If you do not currently have a QRS system in your piano, you may still take advantage of our technology by getting a QRS PNO3 upgrade.

Best User Experience

  • Largest Existing & Expanding Music Library
  • Works on Any Player System
  • Uses smart interfaces to play piano from anywhere in the house!
  • Can be used with in home audio systems and TV’s

Bring Your Family Together
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