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State of the Art Player Technology Now Available

QRS PNO3 OT. No installation is required, simply connect and rest the Player rail on top of the Piano keys. Instantly enjoy a live piano performance at any time and on any piano. Portable, Live, and Instant entertainment is the QRS PNO3 technology.  Great for Weddings, Funerals, Church services, parties or any gatherings.

piano with pressed down keys

Largest Music Library

When considering a player system don’t overlook the constraint a small limited music library places on your entertainment. QRS understands the consumer concern and proudly offers the largest and constantly expanding digital music library available. Enjoy music from all of your favorite artists from Beethoven to Lady GaGa and all musicians in between.


The QRS PNO3 enables you to entertain using player technology on any acoustic piano.

Includes portable speaker for playback or background music, voice prompt feedback, IR Remote, Travel Case, Complimentary Digital Music, and 88 Note capability. Only requires 2 cables for power and PNO3 OT rail.

Bring Your Family Together
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