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Breakthrough Key Sensor Technology

PNOScan optically captures every nuance and movement of the keys and pedal system. Optical sensors result in the most accurate recording possible. Most importantly, the optical sensors are non-invasive. Nothing at any point makes contact with the key resulting in an uncompromising performance and touch of the key. This is why performers like Brocket Parsons (Lady GaGa keyboardist) uses the custom manufactured PNOScan on his PianoArc.

Learn Remotely

PNOScan allows students and teachers to interact in a new and more powerful way. By using PNOCloud students can share recorded performances and simultaneously composed sheet music enabling teachers to analyze and better critique their students without being location bound. In addition, PNOScan allows you to use online software applications (PianoMarvel). With Innovative scoring and monitored progress, students are learning quicker when using this interface than any other!

Create & Compose

PNOScan optically captures and stores every nuance of key stoke and pedal stroke resulting in an unparalleled professional level of recording capability. When used in combination with online software applications like PianoMarvel users can convert their recordings to sheet music allowing them to create and share compositions for all purposes from the student to the performing artist and composer.

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