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Restored Steinway

PianoNation has been home to piano restoration since 1993. In recent years we have put our expertise to restoring pre-owned Steinways.

In the piano buying world you can find pre-owned pianos or restored pianos. Piano restoration is a process where a piano is made like new while still retaining its original qualities and staying true to factory specifications. When a piano is restored correctly the integrity of the instrument and brand remains in tact. Piano restoration includes both the interior (Soundboard, strings, action, bridges etc.) and the exterior (cabinet, refinishing etc).

Piano Restoration is not inexpensive so the task is reserved for high quality and handcrafted instruments. PianoNation exclusively restores used Steinway & Sons in addition to Mason & Hamlin pianos. Both brands are the highest quality and craftsmanship and each holds their value making the purchase a guaranteed return on investment for the customer. PianoNation is proud to sell restored Steinways and Mason & Hamlin instruments. Over the years we have delivered restored Steinways to schools, universities, and private clients across the country. All of our restored instruments comes with a store warranty guaranteeing a great customer experience and satisfaction.

Most recently PianoNation has been offering the option of refinishing Steinway cabinets where the interior is still in great condition.

The pictures below shows a pre-owned Steinway model A. In this example only the exterior cabinet was restored. The interior (action) has been inspected and regulated by piano technicians.

Purchasing a pre-owned or restored instrument is a cost-effective way to purchase a high-quality instrument at a fraction of the normal new retail price. Purchasing used also gives you the benefit of seasoned woods, and golden era soundboards. We restore these instruments because we believe like Theodore Steinway said, “the best Steinways were built 100 years ago.” If we can restore these masterpieces we feel we’ve done a huge part to preserve the golden era of the musical age and share it with our customers today.

For more information call us today 877-977-4266.