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Piano Store – Oakland County New & Used Piano Gallery

Vintage Steinways, New & Pre-Owned Piano Retailer of South East Michigan

Visit Us At 159 South Milford Rd in Milford Michigan March 1st!

Piano Nation Direct is excited to announce our new store location at 159 South Milford Rd opening March 1st 2017. With more details to come in the near future! The new store will showroom vintage rebuilt Steinway’s, pre-owned, and new piano’s for every price point and need.

Piano Nation Direct is a unique mix of old world acoustic sound and 21st century technology. Our new store will showcase player piano technology and show you exactly what our player system can offer. Whether you’re interested in an upgrade, a player piano, or just curious about the latest technology, visit our new store and be entertained.

Not sure where to start? Piano Nation Direct has helpful professionals who can advise and provide valuable information to make your piano buying experience the best it can be. We’ve been serving the public of Metro Detroit Michigan since 1993. We hope you will stop by at our new location and see for yourself!

Best Wishes,

Piano Nation Direct