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Piano Technicians Guild Chapter Meeting

How to Upgrade & Update Player Piano’s


On Monday March 6th, piano technicians from around Metro Detroit Michigan met together at Piano Nation Direct for their chapter meeting.

The meeting was opened by Clem Fortuna who demonstrated how to splice broken strings, a common practice for piano technicians out in the field. After the demonstration owner of Piano Nation Direct, Todd Brown, gave an informative presentation on QRS player systems and upgrades.

Todd was able to explain how Piano Nation Direct can upgrade any player system on any type of piano. If a player system is currently running off of CD’s or even floppy discs it can be upgraded by Piano Nation Direct to be compatible with smart technology! Todd spoke to the piano technicians about how they can help current piano owners who are frustrated by their antiquated player system enjoy their player piano again.

The process is very simple, in less than an hour Piano Nation Direct can upgrade any current player system including Yamaha Disklavier, PianoDisc, Pianomation, Steinway Spirio and more. If your player piano no longer works, or is running off of floppy discs and CD’s, contact us and upgrade to the Pianomation3. When you upgrade you’ll have instant access to the largest expanding music library, smart technology interface, and no bulky exterior hardware. Pianomation3 allows you to tell your piano to play using the Alexa Dot. You can play your piano using any phone, iPad, tablet, or wireless device. Pianomation3 is the latest technology made available exclusively by Piano Nation Direct.

Contact us today and let us help you enjoy you piano more than ever before!